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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge



I am a physicist and obtained my diploma working on an optical calibration system for a particle detector of a heavy ion experiement at CERN. I then moved into optoelectronics gaining a PhD from the University of Southampton, where my research was on fibre optic sensors and lasers. I then moved into liquid crystals and used my expertise in fibre optics and telecommunication to develop liquid crystal devices for telecommunication applications. Since 2012 I am the Programme Manager of CamBridgeSens, the Strategic Network for sensor research at the University of Cambridge, spanning about 20 departments. Since October 2014 this network is complemented by the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies and Applications.

Programme Manager of CamBridgeSens and the Sensor CDT
Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotech
Dr. Oliver  Hadeler
Not available for consultancy