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Dr Chih-Chun Chen

Dr Chih-Chun Chen

Research Associate

Engineering Department
Trumpington Street

Cambridge CB2 1PZ
Office Phone: +44 1223 332600


I am a research associate at the Engineering Design Centre (EDC), Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. I have been working on a project to study the design principles and practices behind emerging technologies such as Synthetic Biology and Swarm Robotics, as well as other Complex Systems Engineering.

Departments and Institutes

Engineering Department:

Research Interests

Complex Systems Science, Methods used to study and engineer complex systems (e.g. self-organising robotic systems, biological systems)

Key Publications

Chen, C-C. and Crilly, N. Describing complex design practices with a cross-domain framework: learning from Synthetic Biology and Swarm Robotics. Research in Engineering Design, March, 2016

Chen, C-C. and Crilly, N. A primer on the design and science of complex systems.

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