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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge



I am a scientist, bioengineer, and problem solver. I focus on the understanding and control of cellular processes at technological interfaces. I am an advocate of using Open Source Hardware in labs and editor of the Journal of Open Hardware, as well as DocuBricks founder.


I am interested in research and teaching in the areas of Biointegration (e.g. microfluidics, bioelectronics, integrated acoustics, cell analysis), Biophysics (e.g. self-organiation, nano-biotechnology, complex systems), and biomaterials with special focus on the understanding and controlling of cellular processes at technological interfaces.


Key publications: 

Disorder in convergent floral nanostructures enhances signalling to bees. Moyroud/Wenzel et all. Nature 2017

Porous translucent electrodes enhance current generation from photosynthetic biofilms. Wenzel et al. Nature Communications 2018

Biophotovoltaics: Oxygenic photosynthetic organisms in the world of bioelectrochemical systems. McCormick et al. Energy and Environmental Science 2015

Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr. Tobias  Wenzel

Contact Details

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotech
University of Cambridge
Philippa Fawcett Dr.
Email address: 
Not available for consultancy