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Cambridge SynBio Training

Undergraduate Level


Plant Sciences Part II L1 module: Synthetic Biology and Plant Biotechnology

Three Lectures for Part II Plant Sciences undergraduates examining the history of plant biotechnology through to recent advances in Synthetic Biology, Self-organisation and reprogramming of multicellular systems.


Engineering Tripos Part IIA, 3G1: Introduction to Molecular Bioengineering

An intensive course of 16 lectures and a practical lab providing a basic grounding in key aspects of molecular bioscience with an emphasis on bioscience engineering.


Part III Course in Systems Biology: Synthetic and Executable Biology (SEB)

A course of lectures and 5 computer-based practical sessions to introduce students to the de novo design of biological systems using the techniques of Synthetic Biology and computational simulation.

Graduate Level

Several labs in Cambridge accept students on Synthetic Biology related PhD programmes but no formal teaching courses are currently in place. Opportunities are advertised via the University and will be uploaded to this site as they become available. Many lab heads can be contacted via this site. The following doctoral training centres provide skills training relevant to synthetic biology:

Researcher Training

There are no formal training courses for researchers but opportunities will be advertised via this site as they arise and suggestions of offers of training and mentoring for research colleagues are welcomed. Please contact the Coordinator Jenny Molloy on for more information.

Other Opportunities

 Cambridge iGEM Team

A team of undergraduates from Cambridge compete annually in the international Genetically Engineered Machines competition (iGEM)competition. The 2016 team will be competing in the new Plant track. iGEM activities also offer an excellent opportunity for graduate and researcher involvement in support and mentoring roles.