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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge


3D printing opens up a world of custom science instrumentation that can be instantly shared and fabricated around the world. It has been used to build precision microscopes and alignment tools, modify all manner of standard lab kit, visualise 3D structures from imaging data and more.

In this Science Makers, we'll look at a whole range of ideas for 3D printing in science with both plastics and biomaterials. There will be an opportunity to try out some activities and play with hardware in the afternoon following lunch.

**We will also present the upcoming Biomaker Challenge: an opportunity to get funding for developing instrumentation for biology using maker technologies and electronics - find ideas and collaborators!**


12:00 - Arrival and introductions

12:15 - Talks and discussion

Introduction to bioprinting - Andy Wang, Lek Lei & Duo Zhang (Department of Engineering)
Open hardware for science with 3D printing and Biomaker Challenge opportunities - Jenny Molloy (Department of Plant Sciences)

13:30 - Pizza

14:00 - Making - practice 3D CAD design, make a protein 3D printing file from structural data, build a 3D printed microscope, try out some examples of 3D printed lab equipment.

**If you have some 3D-printed stuff for science you would like to show and tell, please bring it along!**

16:00 - Finish

Science Makers is a monthly event to discuss and build low-cost, DIY and open hardware for science and education. All are welcome for the talks, making or both! It is primarily designed for adults, accompanied children are allowed to attend but please alert the organisers on

Saturday, 5 May, 2018 - 12:00 to 17:00
Event location: 
Cambridge MakeSpace, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge