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Science Makers

Science Makers is a monthly event with rotating themes that attract around 20-40 researchers and people from the local tech sector to discuss applications for and practicalities of making experimental setups, followed by lunch and a hands-on session in the afternoon. We've assembled everything from low-cost microfluidic devices and 3D printed microscope stages to bat sensors. Attendees are also welcome to work on their own projects.


Science Makers aims to:

  1. Promote work in Cambridge on designing and making experimental set-ups, particularly low-cost using commodity electronics or easily available fabrication techniques
  2. Building a community of such people who can help each other out, including those outside the university in the engineering/tech/design sectors
  3. Hosting a fun meetup where like-minded people can learn something new and work on projects e.g. we are also looking into running introductory electronics training at the meeting for biologists/others who don't normally cover this


Timing: Monthly on the first Saturday, 12:00-17:00

Venue: Cambridge Makespace, 16 Mill Lane. Cambridge, CB2 1RX

(Makespace is the community's inventing shed, a makerspace with all manner of equipment from glass kiln to sewing machine to metal lathe, 3D printers and laser cutters.)

Science Makers Resources

Title Description
Neurobiology: from brains to circuits Probing the electrical systems of living things is easier than ever thanks to readily available open source technologies and commodity electronics. In this Science Makers we’ll explore open hardware for electrophysiology and measurement of behaviour in plants and animals for both education and research. Then we'll control machines using our minds (or at least muscle movements).
Molecular Gastronomy Lab equipment and chemistry has made its way into the kitchen - with water baths, centrifuges, freeze dryers, 3D printers and more now involved in gastronomic creations. During the December 2017 Science Makers session, over 25 members of the SRI, Cambridge Makespace and interested members of the public heard about some of the techniques of 'molecular gastronomy' and tried them out!

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