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Call for Exhibitors for the Biomaker Fayre Exhibitors at Open Technology Week

last modified Feb 21, 2018 03:44 PM
Bring your demos! If you have an interesting project using open technologies, created as part of the Biomaker Challenge, or independently, you are invited to exhibit it at the Biomaker Fayre during Open Technology Week.

The Biomaker Fayre showcases projects created by interdisciplinary teams from the biological and physical sciences, engineering, and humanities. The projects use the development of open source biological instrumentation and low-cost sensors using commodity electronics and DIY approaches.

Register your projects here 

Register your attendance using the esales form under 'concessions'

Biomaker Fayre is being held in the DPO Room Department of Engineering on Trumpington Street.

All Biomaker Fayre exhibitors can attend the Open Technology Workshop and Biomaker Fayre free of charge.

For more information and the schedule take a look at the Open Technology webpage


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