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Cambridge BRAINFest takes place June 23-25 2017 - get involved!

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Cambridge BRAINFest is a public free festival of brain research that will bring together neuroscientists from across Cambridge to present ground breaking research in 30 interactive exhibits covering themes of Development', 'Brain & Body', ‘Pain & Pleasure’, ‘Imagination & Perception’ and ‘Learning & Forgetting’, spanning research from molecule to man.

In addition, we will have Q&A sessions with experts at Café Scientifique, BRAINArt (featuring local schools), secret cinema, build-a-brain workshops, an historical self guided neurotrail and interactive neurotheatre, an evening 'Variety Showcase' (with public lectures covering the dyslexic brain, the degenerating brain and the obese brain interspersed with the story of Parkinson's disease through dance and living with dementia through poetry.) and an evening of 'Brains & Mental Health' (a question time styled panel discussion, hosted by Professor Sir Simon Wessely, featuring an expert panel). The theme of the evening will focus on how mental illnesses are disorders of the brain, the ongoing research that will help us better understand and treat these disorders and how we can bridge the existing gap between neuroscience research and current practice in the health service. Please see programme flyer attached

We hope that Cambridge BRAINFest will not only provide opportunities for mutual learning between scientists and members of the public, but also facilitate the transition of research findings into real life applications within a diverse range of public policy areas including health, education and law. 

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Programme of events | Open to the public, FREE |

Bookings now open! (for evening events)

No booking required for the Cambridge Corn Exchange daytime events

Friday 23rd June 2017

19:00-21:00    Cambridge BRAINFest Variety Showcase

Babbage Lecture Theatre, University of Cambridge

Booking now open!


Saturday 24th June 2017

10:00-15:30    Thematic Showcase, Corn Exchange main auditorium

10:30-15:30    Café Scientifique @ Cambridge BRAINFest, St John’s room

10:00-15:30    BRAINArt @ Cambridge BRAINFest, Corn Exchange foyer

10:00-15:30    Secret Cinema @ Cambridge BRAINFest, The King’s room

19:00-21:00    Brains & Mental Health @ Cambridge BRAINFest

Babbage Lecture Theatre, University of Cambridge

Booking now open!


Sunday 25th June 2017

10:00-16:00    Thematic Showcase, Corn Exchange main auditorium

10:00-16:00    Café Scientifique @ Cambridge BRAINFest, St John’s room

10:00-16:00    BRAINArt @ Cambridge BRAINFest, Corn Exchange foyer

10:00-16:00    Secret Cinema @ Cambridge BRAINFest, The King’s room


Additional notes

BRAINArt is an exhibition of brain associated art by local children. In the lead up to Cambridge BRAINFest, we visited 1400 students, talked about the brain and 'hopefully' inspired the students to create brain art. A selection of their artwork will be on display throughout the festival in the foyer of the Cambridge Corn Exchange. 

Secret Cinema - The King’s Room at the Corn Exchange will be transformed into the Cambridge BRAINFest secret cinema. Festival goers will be able to take a break from the showcase exhibit downstairs and view a collection of films from across the Cambridge Neuroscience community. The secret cinema will run for the duration of the festival and details will be provided in the programme and on information screens throughout the festival.

Cambridge Neurotrail is a walking self guided map of Cambridge with neuroscience points of historical interest. We can provide copies of this to you and your guides/ambassadors.

Hopefully this has been useful to you but please let me know if you need any more details. 


Cambridge Neuroscience is an Interdisciplinary Centre in the University of Cambridge; a virtual community of brain scientists with over 800 members, working in everything from biomedicine and maths, to psychiatry and philosophy, and education, engineering and economics. Membership spans all six Schools of the University and over 65 Departments and Institutes. Cambridge Neuroscience connects multidisciplinary research and teaching across the University of Cambridge and affiliated Institutes, with a mission to enhance health and quality of life. 

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