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Opportunity to join international open hardware collaboration to produce a single pixel camera for low-cost hyperspectral imaging

last modified Apr 26, 2017 02:50 PM
Members of the international open science hardware community have been pursuing a group project to produce a single pixel camera for low-cost hyperspectral imaging and are seeking collaborators.

This technology has many applications from assessing crop damage to monitoring pollutants (more here and here). Of interest to those in the SRI and OpenPlant is most likely plant phenotyping and detection of compounds produced by plants.

Project Coordinator Greg Austic posted more information on the GOSH Community Forum this week with an invitation for others to join the project.

Hamamatsu are interested in supplying development kits to collaborators in the project (see spec) and the intention is to document work openly online and eventually publish in an Open Access journal e.g. Hardware X or Journal of Open Hardware.

If you'd be interested to get involved, contact Greg via the Forum >>

Useful Skills:
mechanical design, optics, math (the algorithm to reconstruct the image), application identification, implementation and trialling devices, or those who want to help document/publish the results.



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