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The SynBio SRI is teaming up with SciArt Cambridge, Biomakespace and event producer Sophie Weeks for an exciting event for Cambridge Science Festival 2019

last modified Feb 07, 2019 12:44 PM
We're shaking things up this year and co-hosting The Art & Science Soirée on the evening of Monday 18 March at The Engineer's House by the river. We invite creative thinkers and tinkerers to connect with scientists, engineers, artists and designers engaged in DIY science. But why science and art you ask?

Though she currently works in science, Alex Ting, the coordinator of the SynBio SRI, has a background in the arts. In the last few months, she has been surprised to find such an active, vibrant community dedicated specifically to the intersection of arts and science. 

It began at the July 2018 OpenPlant Forum where she met Karen Ingram, an independent creative director focused on science communications. During the conference dinner, Karen led the students, researchers and academics in a game called, “Postnatural Botany” inspired by Medieval Bestiaries and the notion that explorers would describe the wildlife from their travels to people who had never seen such wildlife, as a means to share with the community. The game was fun and fast-paced, testing everyone's skills in observation, communication, listening, and interpretation. 


(Karen Ingram: From Painting to Synthetic Biology in Forbes)



The following month, Alex invited Sophie Weeks (Producer, Art & Science Soiree) and Philipp Boeing (Co-founder, BentoLab) to present at Cafe Synthetique under the theme "Teaching Tools for SynBio." Philipp talked about the design of BentoLab, a portable genomics kit, and how it was partly inspired by Apple products that somehow make everything tech-related seem more accessible through its aesthetic alone. Sophie described the Art & Science Soirées and some of the wonderful ideas and outcomes born from the interdisciplinary exchange. 



It didn't stop there! Alex joined the SciArt Cambridge group and continued meeting awesome individuals working somewhere at the intersection of art, design and science, many of whom will be joining us on Monday 18 March 2019!

If you're interested in meeting and hearing about the work of this community, do join us at this quirky local venue for an exciting evening of snap-talks, speed-meets, hands-on demos, and unexpected encounters. 



Art & Science Soirée

Monday 18 March 2019, 6:30-8.30pm

OtherSyde Bar, The Engineers House,Cambridge Museum of Technology, Cheddars Lane, Cambridge CB5 8LD

Places limited 50 max

Ages 18+



1. Giulia Tomaselli (Designer specialising in biomaterials and wearable computing) Website >>>

2. Helene Steiner (Designer & engineer, Co-founder & Director of Open Cell, Co-founder & CCO Cell-Free Technology) Website >>>

3. Dr Jim Ajioka/Orr Yarkoni (Co-founders of Colorifix) Website >>>

4. Ben Dobson - The Microscope Man

5. Peter Bickerton (Science communicator at the Earlham Institute, Poet, Writer)


(Free) tickets available from 11 February:

Drink, nibble, invent.


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