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UK Commons Select Committee call for 'GM and gene editing' evidence check

last modified Feb 21, 2018 03:36 PM
The UK Commons Science and Technology Select Committee invites views on the strength of the evidence in relation to GM and gene editing.

 Please read the Government statement before submitting a comment.

Comments will be pre-moderated.

Science and Technology 'evidence check' web forum homepage

The Science and Technology Committee invites views on the Government-provided evidence-check papers posted on this forum, in particular on the strength of the evidence and how well the Government's approach reflects the evidence.

Taking forward the work of the Institute for Government, this exercise will help shape future Committee work, including identifying areas for scrutiny hearings or for launching inquiries. We would like submitters to address the following broad questions:

  • Diagnosis: Does the Government show that it knows about the issue, its causes, effects, and scale? 
  • Actions/plans: Has the Government shown that any policy intervention is evidence-based, that it has assessed the strengths/weaknesses of the evidence base, and identified other policy options?
  • Implementation:  Has the Government shown that the implementation method for the policy has been based on evidence on what works?
  • Value for money: Are the costs and benefits understood and evidence-based?
  • Testing and evaluation: Are plans for testing and evaluation adequate?
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