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WaterScope wins Vice-Chancellor's Impact Award

last modified Feb 21, 2018 03:47 PM
WaterScope, led by Dr Alexander Patto (NanoPhotonics Centre), is a not-for-profit, impact driven company spun out of research conducted within the Department of Physics by Dr Richard Bowman and collaborators.

WaterScope uses an open-source flexure microscope, which was supported by the SynBio Fund in 2015. They are developing rapid, automated water testing kits and affordable diagnostics to empower developing communities. In parallel, their microscopes are being used for education, to inspire future scientists, and to support local initiatives. According to the judges:

“WaterScope is an excellent example of scientific knowledge being successfully applied to address one of the world’s most significant and current challenges. The potential for international and widespread impact will both benefit those in daily need of a fundamental resource and hopefully inspire interest in science and technology to multiply benefits into the future.”

Congratulations to Alex, Richard and the whole team on their success.

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If you are interested to build a Waterscope, join us at Science Makers on Sat 5 Aug! RSVP

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