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[Apply by 21 June 2019] Nuclera DNA synthesis company in Cambridge seeking synthetic biologist

We are seeking a synthetic biologist highly experienced in DNA and gene assembly techniques. You will join the growing team developing our enzymatic DNA synthesis technology, based in the Cambridge Science Park. This role would suit a keen and enthusiastic, recently qualified PhD graduate who is energised by solving biological and biochemical problems, as well as an experienced researcher who is looking for challenges. To thrive in this role you should be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, willing to take on responsibility, and excited to engage with the team to solve important challenges.

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We are looking for a highly driven individual to:

  • Spearhead the DNA assembly effort at Nuclera 
  • Perform experimental planning and design, and analysis
  • Undertake rigorous optimization of biochemical processes
  • Carry out lab-based molecular biology experiments

To meet these challenges, the candidate will need to:

  • Hold a PhD in a relevant area of Biological Sciences, and a passion for problem-solving
  • Have experience in molecular biology techniques, especially and gene cloning and assembly techniques such as Gibson, Golden Gate, BioBrick and others.
  • Demonstrate expertise in experimental design, interpretation of data, and troubleshooting
  • have experience in designing assembly methods and in vitro DNA manipulation technologies
  • Work closely with a multi-disciplinary scientific team

Experience/knowledge in the following areas would be advantageous:

  • Automation systems such as Opentron
  • Assembly of long gene fragments
  • Development  and optimisation of gene assembly methods

About us
Nuclera is a next-generation DNA synthesis company creating solutions for the synthetic biology, enzyme engineering, and pharmaceutical industries. Our enzyme-mediated DNA synthesis platform will enable the rapid and cost-effective production of highly accurate, ultra-long DNA products. We are building a benchtop synthesis instrument capable of making long-length variant DNA and genome libraries for protein, biological pathway, and ultimately genome-scale engineering.

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