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[Closes 31st May] Border Labs Award 2017

last modified Apr 21, 2017 07:01 PM
Border Labs have opened a 2017 award competition for inspiring explorers who go beyond the expected.

The Border Labs Award is a global prize that celebrates dedication, creativity and courage leading to innovations that have had a significant impact on society and how we use or think about technology. The award celebrates the attitude and mindset that may sometimes cause friction but – when addressed purposefully – can result in perspectives, ideas, and technologies that improve society.


The award is targeted towards people who demonstrate true leadership in an ever-more-complex world. They are looking for creators, inventors, and scientists who made a real effort to push forward a strange, far-fetched, unlikely idea into a meaningful reality.

The award will likely go to the applicant whose project:
+ is open and inclusive
+ demonstrates real impact
+ is provocative, new, and unique in some way or another
+ is a torch of inspiration that leads us forward towards a new, more brighter age
+ enlightens people about the potential of technology and/or its dangers
+ is either work in progress or recently finished


Border Labs will be accepting submissions until the end of May and on the 1st of June will be announcing the 20 finalists that will participate. During the festival, participants will pitch their project as part of the conference programme. The winner is chosen by a selected jury and audience. Only registered attendees who participate in the event can contend for the award.


First prize: €5000
Second prize: €2500.
To invest in the winning project or future endeavors.

To submit an entry to the competition, or for more information about the Border Labs award, please click here.

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