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Invitation to join the Global Challenges Forum

A university-wide research network for the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The Global Challenges Forum was founded in July 2016 by a group of researchers concerned to enhance the University of Cambridge’s contribution towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Centre for Global Equality, Cambridge’s civil society network for international development and humanitarian aid.

A Steering Committee and Advisory Board was established during the Michaelmas term, and the Centre for Global Equality was mandated to provide the secretariat function. Partnership with the Centre for Global Equality facilitates access to relevant civil society practitioners in the developing world, and mechanisms for the R&D and diffusion processes often required to ensure that research achieves the intended impact, but that are beyond the academic remit.



Over the next few months the Global Challenges Forum will undertake the following activities:

• Establish a website;

• Facilitate a civil society workshop series;

• Run and/or support workshops and events for Global Challenges Forum members;

• Support Global Challenges Forum members responding to GCRF and other relevant funding calls;

• Establish interdisciplinary working groups;

• Submit an Expression of Interest in response to the University’s call for new Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI).



• Steering Committee: Alan Blackwell (Co-Chair), Alexandra Winkels (Co-Chair), Alexandre Kabla, Alice Moncaster, Ljiljana Fruk, Mukesh Kumar, Dora Pereira, Karishma Jain, Stew McTavish, Jenny Molloy, Nicola Buckley.

• Advisory Board: David Good, David Dunne, Bhaskar Vira, Shailaja Fennell, Rob Doubleday

• SRI Expression of Interest Working Group (in formation): Alan Blackwell, David Good, Sharath Srinivasan, Carol Brayne, Jeremy Baumberg, Dick Fenner.

• Secretariat: Lara Allen, Sara Serradas Duarte


Joining the Global Challenges Forum

• If you would like to be a member of the Global Challenges Forum complete the registration form here. If you would prefer to register offline please request a form from Sara:

• If you are short of time, please feel free just to complete the sections marked *. However, if you have time we would appreciate any contributions to the other sections as these provide the data needed for the website and the SRI expression of interest.

• The registration process provides an opportunity to contribute to shaping the vision, goals and activities of the Global Challenges Forum.

• If you would like to join a committee or working group, please email Lara:


For more information, or to register, please click here.

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