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[Closes 27 Mar 2017] Synthetic biology future science fellowships

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation invites applications for its synthetic biology future science fellowships.

These fellowships support national and international early-career postdoctoral researchers in expanding Australian research capacity in synthetic biology. A key element is the establishment of a collaborative community of practice extending across CSIRO and Australia and linking into international efforts in the field. For the purpose of this call, synthetic biology is defined as the design and construction of biological parts, devices and organisms, usually based on DNA-encoded componentry, and their application for useful purposes. Project must align with at least one of the following application domains: environment and biocontrol, chemicals and fibres or endosymbionts and organelles. In addition, projects must involve capacity development in at least one of the following science domains:

•integrative biological modelling;

•engineering novel biological components;

•assembling novel biosystems;

•maximising impact.

Applicants must hold a PhD conferred between 1 July 2009 and 1 July 2017 and may not have more than eight years post-PhD experience on the closing date. Applicants may be Australian or international. International applicants must be eligible to apply for a visa to work in Australia. For the duration of the appointment, fellows are expected to reside in Australia and be employed by an Australian host organisation. Each applicant may only submit one application per round.

Fellowships provide three years of salary and operating expenses. Operating expenses may be used for experimental costs, equipment, travel, and other expenses. Fellows receive a three-year membership to Synthetic Biology Australasia. Matching co-funding by the host organisation is required.


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