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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge


This summer Microsoft Research offer a 12 week long internship to a Graduate/PhD student that is interested in taking part in an interdisciplinary research project that will focus on plant communication and signaling in plants. [Deadline March 2016]

The overall theme will focus on sustainable concepts for agriculture and home/urban gardening and new opportunities of plant signaling (chemical and electrical) in combination with machine learning for AI systems. The project will include developing the needed hardware, building up a database of bio-signals for machine learning and concepts for agricultural applications.

- Current Master or PhD student
- Ability to work in a interdisciplinary team (Engineers, Designers, Social Scientists, Computer Scientists)
- Experience in electrical signals (and ideally chemical signals) in plants
- Confident using one or more programming or scripting language to work with data such as: Python, C#,..
- Experience performing data analysis and working with tools such as: Excel, MATLAB, ...
- Experience in Electrical engineering

The internship would be a full-time and paid.

If interested, please contact Helene Steiner ( with a short description of yourself and your interest in the project/internship.

Deadline: 29 Feb 2016