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Cambridge Consultants: Senior Scientist – Synthetic Biology

The next technology revolution is coming: the engineering of biology. Cambridge Consultants wants to be at the forefront. We are building a team to work in synthetic biology: applying engineering principles to the design and build of biological systems to create completely new products and services by combining biology, chemistry, engineering, and maths skills.

From the Cambridge Consultants website:

We are looking for an outstanding molecular biologist to drive this work forward.  With current expert knowledge in molecular biology techniques you will form the core of the team carrying out work in our labs and delivering answers to our clients.

As Senior Scientist – Synthetic Biology you will play a key role in establishing our technical ability in this new field.

Working with the Head of Synthetic Biology, your main purpose will be to establish the Cambridge Consultants biology lab as a centre for engineering biological systems in bacteria and yeast and use this facility to perform client projects.  You will help build a capability that can design, build and test biological systems in a rapid and cost-effective way.

You will do this by:

  • Providing expert scientific knowledge in molecular biology and genetics, particularly the functions and processes within cells and the current methods and techniques used in the lab to characterise nucleic acids, proteins and metabolites
  • Designing DNA constructs to meet specific phenotypic or metabolomic requirements
  • Designing and executing experimental protocols to transform, culture and characterise cells
  • Providing oversight and management of the biology lab, particularly for biological health and safety matters and for data management within the lab.

The successful candidate will be a hands-on, experienced, senior scientist, who wants to build their technical capabilities, create an efficient lab for engineering biology and deliver excellent solutions to client problems.  You will be used to working in multidisciplinary teams alongside other scientific and technical experts.

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The Synthetic Biology Strategic Research Initiative provides a hub for anyone interested in Synthetic Biology at the University of Cambridge, including researchers, commercial partners and external collaborators. 

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