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[Closes TBC] Synthace Biological Scientist

Synthace is engaged in building a platform to transform the way biology is done. We’re moving biology from manual processes with pipettes and excel spreadsheets to reproducible automated experimentation, traced samples, structured datasets and cutting edge data analysis and AI.

This is a highly collaborative effort between software developers and engineers, lab-based biologists and engineers, mathematicians, bioinformaticians, designers and our growing list of partners in the bioscience industry.

About the position

  • We are looking to expand our world-class team of biological engineers.  While you need to be a lab-based biologist your specific domain is less relevant than your intelligence, adaptability, communication skills, teamworking and work ethic.  
  • The role will often be customer facing, so a willingness and ability to communicate effectively in technical, multidisciplinary situations is essential.  Our main current target market is the pharmaceutical sector, so relevant experience is a plus, particularly in discovery, development or analytics.
  • We have multiple roles available and are open to a range of experience levels, but at least PhD level or equivalent experience is preferred.


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