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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge


Post-doctoral senior research associate position available in the lab of Prof Natalio Krasnogor, Newcastle University. Working on engineered information processing in cells.

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  • Deadline: 27th April 2020

  • Salary: £30,942 - £45,361

  • Position Type: Full time, fixed term

  • Duration: Not specified

  • Location: Newcastle University, Newcastle

This exciting research opening is looking for a Senior Research Associate in Synthetic Biology to work as part of a highly interdisciplinary team in project EnDROIDS, our recently funded Royal Academy of Engineering ten years long quest to bridge nanotechnology and synthetic biology to achieve sophisticated in vivo information processing.

You will have responsibility for carrying out world-leading research on engineered information processing inside cells. This will include information delivery into a cell, information extraction without destruction from a cell as well as unconventional ways of replicating information within cells. You will operate at the very cutting edge of in vivo information storage and will seek to utilise the whole gamut of molecular biology techniques to store, sort and retrieve information into/from a cell (including, but not limited, use of recent CRISPR prime and related techniques).

You will have the opportunity to work closely with computational scientist and bioinformaticians and will have access to a state-of-the-art synthetic biology laboratory, nanotechnology facilities as well as computational equipment to test, debug and improve its experimental work.

The role will require regular liaison with the other investigators in the project (specifically) and the research group (more generally) to aid in designing experiments to refine the protocols for in vivo information storage. More specifically, you will work collaboratively with our other nanotechnologists and scientific computing experts to achieve project goals. You will also provide assistance to, and training of, academic, technical and research staff and students on specific experimental techniques and in the use of specialised experimental equipment when necessary. To keep excellent records of all laboratory experiments, procedures, protocols, workflows and outcomes, enabling reuse, interpretation with team members and delivery of project milestones.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

  • A PhD or equivalent professional qualification in synthetic biology or a relevant area of microbiology or molecular biology

  • Demonstrable laboratory experience-based postdoc or research position in synthetic biology (minimum 2 years)

  • Practical laboratory experience in microbiology and molecular biological techniques, e.g., DNA sequencing and synthesis, plasmids and chromosomal manipulation techniques, operons design and assembly, DNA replication, stability, cloning and transformation in Bacillus spp., E. coli and S. cerevisiae

  • Publication of work in peer-reviewed conferences and journals

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