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Opportunities for plant genetic engineers and bioinformaticians at Empyrean Therapeutics, Cambridge

Empyrean Therapeutics, headquartered at the Babraham research campus in Cambridge, is seeking to recruit a team of scientists to help establish and lead our crop genetic engineering efforts as part of a new endeavour. Our company’s core research involves developing novel cell therapies for the treatment of cancer and rare disease and the translation of these to the clinic. Our primary expertise is within the gene editing and engineering of immune cells to seek out and destroy tumour cells and we have extensive experience in developing new CRISPR and viral based approaches for immunotherapy.

We are now looking to deploy these technologies and expertise to solve specific genetic engineering challenges within plant biotechnology, particularly those that involve the improvement of desirable traits in commercial crops. We believe we have a unique strategy in terms of the genetics and the modulation of specific plant biosynthetic pathways, and we are in need of experts with experience in plant genetic engineering and transformation.

We are seeking both consultants that can advise on our strategy as well as full time, lab-based plant engineers. In addition, we are in immediate need of consultant bioinformaticians with skills in genome assembling and gene mapping and annotation. 

If you believe you have the relevant skills and this is of interest, please email Tom Henley ( to discuss further.

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