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[Closes Summer 2017] Research scientist positions available at synthetic biology startup (Eligo Bioscience)

Eligo Bioscience, a recent MIT/Rockefeller startup, are currently looking for postdoctoral scientists to join their international research team.

Eligo Bioscience is a VC-backed biotech startup, cofounded by professors and scientists from MIT and Rockefeller University (Lu and Marraffini labs).
They are growing quickly and are recruiting a new cohort of amazing scientists to join them in working on synthetic biology-based drug-development platforms.

Eligo Bioscience are developing next-gen therapeutics for precision microbiome engineering and bacteria-associated diseases. Their technology is based on the delivery of genetic circuits (notably CRISPR-Cas) to the microbiome via engineered phage particles. They focus particularly on precision microbiome engineering and bacteria-associated diseases.

Eligo Bioscience are a team of passionate, international scientists driven by the challenge of solving unmet medical needs. They are currently looking for seven new scientists with experience in synthetic biology, microbiology, bacterial genetics, phage genetics, or drug delivery, among others.

If you enjoy working in fast-paced environments and are excited to solve real-world problems with cutting-edge research, then please consider their current openings:

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