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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge


SynBio Postdocs

SynBio Postdocs is a new initiative to help connect postdocs across the university. We will be hosting regular events where you can meet and network with other postdocs from across university departments, as well as supporting postdocs to persue their own projects and initiatives. We are currently seeking postdocs we are interested in helping to establish and develop the group.

You can sign up to join the SynBio Postdoc community and recieve notifications about events and opportunities using the form below.



Sign up to the SynBio Postdocs Mailing List

This mailing list is for University of Cambridge postdocs interested in synthetic/engineering biology. Members may post to this list with relevant information about events and opportunities for postdocs, or to ask questions and advice from the community. The information you provide will be shared with members of the University of Cambridge SynBio Postdocs and used to add you to the postdoc mailing list.

At the end of the form you may also choose whether you wish to sign up to the SynBio IRC Directory and/or the SynBio IRC newsletter.


Registration Form

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Add a short description of your research and interests (up to 200 words)
Add some key words or phrases to related to your research and interests (min 3, max 5, separated with a comma)
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