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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge


Workshop series exploring technologies at the interface of biology, engineering, academia and industry. Practical advice on how to make the most of the latest biological technologies, and how research can be applied in commercial and non-profit environments.

The SynBio IRC is pleased to announce a new series of workshops providing practical advice for researchers interested in exploring the latest biological technologies. The workshops will explore how novel technologies can be used to drive research with real-world applications. Sessions will look at both the development of technology and it's transfer into the public realm via both commericialisation and non-profit companies and initiatives.

The workshops will feature speakers from academia, industry and the non-profit sector, giving insite into the whole lifecycle of application-driven technologies, from ideas and develeopment to being used by consumers. The sessions will showcase different methods used to deliver research outcomes, including spin-outs, non-profit companies and open-access projects.

Workshops will be held monthly online, Tuesday 3-4:30pm. We hope you are able to join us and are happy to share a preliminary schedule below:

Recordings and slides for these sessions are shared below.

Joining Details:

Passcode: 4b8nW8gWmr

Previous Sessions

Accessible Automation (September 2021)

Will Canine - Democratizing the Means of Biotech Production: Opentrons First 8 Years

Dr. Nicola Patron - Scaling Plant Science - From Standards to Automation

Session Recording


Nicola Patron

Earlham Biofoundry


Open Technology Frameworks (August 2021)

Dr. Gavin Ferris - Beyond Software: lowRISC's Framework for Open Source Silicon Design

Prof. Drew Endy - Open Technology Frameworks: Ten Practical Lessons Learned

Session Recording


BioBricks Foundation


Low-Cost Microscopes (July 2021)

Dr Richard Bowman - Smart microscopy for everyone with the OpenFlexure Microscope

Benedict Diederich - UC2 - an open source system for optics (The power in your pocket)

Session Recording


OpenFlexure Forum

UC2 (useetoo)


Open Tools for Bioproduction (June 2021)

Dr Jenny Molloy - Open tools for enzyme production in the global South

Dr Jim Ajioka - Open source at Colorifix

Jenny Molloy

Open Bioeconomy Lab

Jim Ajioka



For more information please contact Steph Norwood (SynBio coordinator) at: