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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge


£2-16 millon funding for ambitious projects that will advance the fonteers of bioscience by using innovative approaches, methods or technologies.

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  • Internal/Registration Deadline: 30th July 2020, 4pm
  • Outline Applications Deadline: 10th September 2020, 4pm
  • Funding Amount: £2-16 million
  • Funding Duration: up to 5 years

In the 2020/21 sLoLa call, we are seeking to support cutting edge, innovative and ambitious research that addresses key fundamental questions in bioscience. We welcome applications working across any scales of biological organisation, and particularly those employing quantitative, multi-scale approaches that integrate bioscience research from different sub-fields. To produce major advances, proposals are expected to employ (or develop) the latest technologies, methods and approaches that will result in world leading capability in bioscience within the UK. There is no requirement for proposals to address our Responsive Mode priorities.

Advancing the frontiers of bioscience discovery is a strategically important long term objective of the UKRI-BBSRC Delivery Plan. The 2020/21 strategic Longer and Larger (sLoLa) call invites proposals focused on frontier bioscience: leading-edge discovery research that addresses significant fundamental questions in bioscience. Proposals are expected to be ambitious and have the potential to lead to a major advance in our understanding of the ‘Rules of Life’ which govern living systems. We anticipate that innovative approaches, methods or technologies will be used to produce a significant and distinctive contribution to bioscience knowledge.

Proposals must provide a clear justification for the need for funding through the sLoLa mechanism, demonstrating a coordinated and fully integrated programme of work that could not be undertaken through a series of smaller awards. A strong case must also be made regarding how the proposal will enhance the UK’s international position in the area of investigation.

The indicative budget for this call is up to £16 million, subject to the quality of applications received. Proposals must be over £2 million (100% FEC project value) and can be up to five years in duration. We anticipate awarding 3-5 sLoLa grants in the 2020/21 call.

Proposals must address the scope of the call and be predominantly within our remit. It is anticipated that awarded grants will start in the latter half of 2021.

Apply via the University of Cambridge Research Strategy

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