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Cafe Synthetique, Epigenetic inspired DNA-based storage systems & more

Inspired by the dynamic, biological regulation of epigenetic information, Dr Pierre Murat from the Department of Chemistry will present how binary data can undergo controlled changes when encoded in synthetic DNA strands. Join us for a chance to catch up with the Cambridge synthetic biology community over informal talks, discussion and pub snacks.
When Sep 18, 2017
from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM
Where Panton Arms, Panton Street, Cambridge
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Biopolymers are an attractive alternative to store and circulate information. DNA combines remarkable longevity with high data storage densities and has been demonstrated as a means for preserving digital information. 

Dr Murat will speak on how exploiting differential kinetics of hydrolytic deamination reactions of cytosine and its naturally occurring derivatives, can lead to multiple layers of information bring stored in a single DNA template. Controlled redox reactions also allow for interconversion of these DNA-encoded layers of information. Overall, such interlacing of multiple messages on synthetic DNA libraries showcases the potential of chemical reactions to manipulate digital information on (bio)polymers.

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