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iGEM at Cambridge

iGEM is an international undergraduate synthetic biology competition where student teams are given access to DNA parts from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. The aim is to use these and other new parts to design and construct new biological systems and operate them in living cells.

(iGEM will not be running in 2018)

Cambridge provided the first iGEM team from the UK, and since 2005, has gained wide interdisciplinary support. The competition provides a practical, laboratory based experience, with a focus on bottom-up design and assembly techniques, standardised biological components and cellular devices.

2016 Cambridge-JIC Team

iGEM 2016 Team

The 2016 Cambridge-JIC team took home a Gold Medal and Best Plant Synthetic Biology Prize in the Overgrad Category at the 2016 iGEM Giant Jamboree. Their project 'InstaCHLAM' created tools for easier engineering of algal chloroplasts.

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Previous Projects

Full details of projects from previous years can be found here:
iGEM2015 - Low cost 3D printed automated microscope
iGEM2014 - Marchantia for synthetic biosensor plants
iGEM2012 - New standards for biosensor development
iGEM2011 - Reflectins for creating iridescent biological systems
iGEM2010 - E. glowli, new bioluminescent systems
iGEM2009 - E. chromi, multispectral biopigments for biosensors
iGEM2008 - iBrain, electrical signalling and communication
iGEM2007 - Bacteria Online, microbial patterning
iGEM2006 - Self-organisation in bacteria populations
iGEM2005 - Artificial chemotaxis


Latest updates from Cambridge iGEM

iGEM 2016: The story behind the gold medal winning project
The Cambridge-JIC iGEM Team won a Gold Medal and Plant Synthetic Biology Prize for their project on open source synthetic biology tools for chloroplast engineering in algae. Team member Ciara McCarthy takes us through how they did it!
iGEM Update: Standardising DNA – why bother?
The Cambridge-JIC iGEM Team 2016 explored open source synthetic biology tools for chloroplast engineering in algae.
Review of Plant Synthetic Biology at iGEM 2016
Geraint Parry of GARNet runs through the plant synthetic biology projects showcased at the iGEM 2016 Giant Jamboree, including the Cambridge-JIC team and their work on chloroplast engineering in Chlamydomonas rheinhardtii.
Cambridge iGEM team win Gold Medal and Best Plant Synthetic Biology Prize at prestigious international competition
A team of Cambridge students have been awarded a Gold Medal and Best Plant Synthetic Biology Prize for their entry into the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition 2016.
iGEM Update: Using low-cost, well-documented, open-source hardware for synthetic biology
The Cambridge-JIC iGEM Team are exploring open source synthetic biology tools for chloroplast engineering in algae.
Cambridge Consultants join in supporting Cambridge-JIC iGEM Team to engineer chloroplasts
The Cambridge-JIC iGEM Team consists of ten undergraduates from Engineering and Natural Sciences working for 10 weeks this summer to engineer future synthetic biology tools and applications. Cambridge Consultants are one of the group of supporters helping them to deliver.

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