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Synthetic Biology in Cambridge


Funding, job and studentship opportunities in synthetic biology both within Cambridge and externally.

Opportunities by Category

Funding Opportunities: internal and external grant funding opportunities and other sources of funding.

Job Opportunities: a list of current and past postdoc, lecturer and senior academic roles as well as roles in Cambridge-based companies and other members of the SynBio SRI network.

Internships: placements outside of academia in industry, policy organisations and other environments. 

Postgraduate studentships: PhD studentships, Masters courses and other postgraduate placement opportunities.

Undergraduate placement opportunities: if you are looking for a summer placement or Part II or Part III project, we can signpost to relevant synthetic biology labs based on your interests. Please email .

Opportunities with the SynBio SRI

If you are interested in biological engineering and particularly novel forms of IP, open source technologies, regulation of emerging biotechnologies, responsible research and innovation, public engagement and related topics then we have internal opportunities:

  1. Knowledge Transfer Internships: We are investigating open source approaches to biology, from promoting off-patent technologies to developing new legal tools for material transfers to reviewing potential business models. Internships could be practical e.g. building software solutions or research-driven via literature reviews, surveys and interviews.
  2. Policy Internships: Current policy foci include topics such as gene drive, de-extinction and conservation,sustainable agriculture and the circular economy. Internships in this area would typically involve developing briefing papers and planning policy fora with key individuals and organisations.
  3. Public Engagement Internships: We are developing low-cost protocols and open educational materials for use in schools and with adult groups. Interns would lead the development, documentation and design of public engagement activities. 

We do not currently have funding for internships, but if you don't have your own source of funding (e.g. PIPS), we are happy to help seek and apply for funding with you.

All Opportunities

Up to 40,000 funding for projects using plants as sensors for toxic chemicals.

Postdoc position available in the lab of Prof. Dov Stekel at the University of Nottingham. Working in the area of modelling the spread of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria from chicken (broiler) litter.

Postdoc position available in the lab of Dr Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro at Imperial College London. Using single cell technologies in order to understand the principles underpinning cell to cell heterogeneity in microbial cell factories.

Postdoc position available in the lab of Prof. Jim Haseloff developing new synthetic biology tools for engineering traits in the model plant Marchantia polymorpha.

Up to £800,000 funding for BBSRC-funded researchers interested in translation of research into practical application and commercialisation.

£10,000 funding for enterpreneurs aged 18-30 in the UK and South Africa to tackle global challenges.

Up to £15,000 funding for postdoctoral researchers and recent PhD graduates at University of Cambridge with work linked to prior EPSRC-funded research.

Four week online course for postgraduates and researchers. Free self-paced course from the University of Cambridge Biological Sciences Libraries Team.

Up to £300,000 funding over 3 years for interdisciplinary resaerch between medicine and engineering.

Recordings from our November No-Code Programming for Biology workshops are now available online. Follow along to get started with your own custom devices.

Learn the Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship: a series of 5 masterclasses aimed at students and postdocs in the life sciences.

Position available for recent graduate or post-graduate working in the Open Cell COVID Testing Facility on Jersey.

Position available for project manager with molecular biology experience, overseeing the Open Cell COVID Testing Facility on Jersey.

The Center for Synthetic Biology and Department of Cell & Developmental Biology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine invites applications for a full-time tenure track Investigator at the rank of Assistant Professor.

Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, is offering 10 Women in Innovation Awards to female entrepreneurs across the UK. The winners will receive a £50,000 grant and a bespoke package of mentoring, coaching and business support.

Five positions available for postdoctoral researchers at the newely opened Crop Science Centre at the University of Cambridge. Working with Profs Giles Oldroyd and Uta Paszkowski in the Engineering the Nitrogen Symbiosis for Africa (ENSA) Project.

Position available for a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr Phil Holliger at the MRC LMB in Cambridge. Working to developing novel approaches for sequencing, specifically new approaches to RNAseq experiments as a Translational Medicine research tool.

Position available for postdoctoral resaercher in the lab of Dr Fabio Parmeggiani at the University of Bristol. Working on designing custom modular protein architectures for the development of protein-based nanomaterials.

Position available for a postdoctoral researcher in the lab of Dr Geoff Baldwin at Imperial College London. Working to integrate this synthetic biology platform with AI approaches to navigate the biological design space.

Position available for postgraduate scientist with synthetic biology skills to join a global agriculture company.

Up to £300,000 funding available for early-stage development projects in ambitious and highly adventurous healthcare technologies (HT) research.

Flexible funding available for investigator-led projects in healthcare technologies, especially in the areas of transformation of community health and care and improvment of prevention and public health.

Up to £50,000 funding available for collaborations between UK and japanese laboratories. Funding to cover costs of travel, subsistence and other activities, such as workshops or exchanges.

ACS award of $5000, certificate and meeting travel expenses for outstanding and creative contributions to fundamental discoveries or inventions in ultrafast science & technology.

Linnean Society award of £1000 and a medal for the best doctoral thesis in biology.

£200,000 plus funding available for mid-range equipment that underpins core capabilities, pioreers the use of emerging advanced research technology or utilises equipment in novel applications.

€5000-15000 funding available for projects in the areas of fighting pests while preserving biodiversity, accelerating precision agriculture and reducing chemical input and enhancing soil health.

Learn more about applying for UKRI and Innovate UK's Future Leaders Fellowships with funding of up to £1.5m. Webinar 9th October. Internal application deadline 16th November.

Postdoctoral position available in the Station B team at Microsoft Research. Working to develop methods for programming biology in the production of life-saving therapies.


The Synthetic Biology Interdisciplinary Research Centre provides a hub for anyone interested in Synthetic Biology at the University of Cambridge, as well as commercial partners and external collaborators.

We promote interdisciplinary exchange in the field of synthetic biology through a regular event series and by funding projects at the intersection of biology, engineering, computing and design. Find out more about SynBio IRC events and opportunities below.


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