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#100Kbio challenge aims to create 100,000 new bioengineers in 100 days!

last modified Sep 20, 2016 02:17 PM
Amino Labs and The BioBuilder Educational Foundation challenge you to become a Virtual Bioengineer!

Amino Labs and The BioBuilder Educational Foundation have launched a challenge to expose students and the public to genetic engineering and expand their interest in engineering sciences.

Their virtual simulation takes you through engineering E. coli to produce a colour or scent to demonstrate that art and genetic engineering are beginning to merge as artists, designers, and even architects are beginning to use biology as a medium to explore and expand what is possible.

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Reasons to get involved from Amino Labs:

1. Free “hands-on” Genetic Engineering Education

Employment in the biotechnology sector is the career choice of millions of people worldwide (OECD, 2009). Because the industry is a growing one, there is reason for all students to experience genetic engineering. Make your students Virtual Bioengineers in the #100Kbio challenge, and expand their career opportunities.

2. Use the #100Kbio Challenge as an entry point into Bioethics

Discussion over the implications of genetic engineering on society and our environment is a critical one. Completing the challenge will set the foundation for further questions and discussions around what genetic engineering is.

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